Ga teachers selected to participate in the Governor’s School Leadership Academy



The Governor’s School Leadership Academy (GSLA) provides high-quality, selective, state-wide leadership preparation and support designed to develop high-capacity school leaders across Georgia. Each summer, the program hosts statewide launches for those who have been nominated and accepted into this unique program that supports educators at all levels of experience.

GSLA offers support and mentoring programs throughout the year that include all stages of an educator’s professional journey: Introductory teachers; Lead teachers; Aspiring directors; and the main ones.

The educator support and mentorship program developed in Georgia is already proving successful in its first four years of operation.

  • With the support of their participation in the GSLA Aspiring Principal program:
    o 23 cohort members rose to leadership positions in Georgia and
    o 28 cohort members rose to leadership positions in their schools.
  • GSLA has helped Georgia schools classified as underachieving to
    move forward and exit lists that identify them as chronically underperforming. With the
    support from the GSLA and its partners from the Georgia Department of Education’s School
    Improvement Division, many schools whose principals participated in the
    The main GSLA cohort, have now left full support and
    List of improvement schools (CSI). (Lowest 5% CSI: the lowest performing 5% of title I
    schools in the state when ranked by their three-year CCRPI average.)

“As the father of an educator, I understand how important it is to empower our teachers so that they
can invest in the next generation of Georgians, ”Governor Kemp said. “By ensuring that our teachers
and leaders have the tools, support and training they need, our state will continue to recruit
and retain the best teachers for our schools and systems. We are proud to give back to our
tireless educators who play a decisive role in the training of future Georgian leaders.
GSLA is proud of its strategic partnerships which strengthen the teacher and leader of Georgia
pipeline by ensuring alignment and consistency between the preparation of teachers and leaders
initiatives. GSLA strategic partners include: Georgia Office of School Improvement
Department of Education; the 16 regional educational services agencies; the professional from Georgia

Standards Commission; Georgian Association of Educational Leaders; the College of
Studies at Georgia Southern University; Georgia State University College of Education;
the College of Education at the University of West Georgia; Gwinnett County Public Schools; and
Albany State University School of Education.

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