WFISD, Chef Chartwells K12 Honored Nationally as One of Five “Hero Behind the Food”


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – Since the start of the pandemic, many have had to adapt in different ways to provide services to those in need.

Today, the leader in the effort to feed the students at Wichita Falls Independent School during the spring and summer months is widely recognized for her outstanding efforts.

Executive Chef Carrie Richardson named Hero Behind the Food.

Richardson said that once they learned schools were closing in March, she and her team didn’t run out of time to make sure as many children as possible were fed.

At all times, officials at WFISD and Chartwells K12 are doing what they can to ensure students are having well-balanced meals, and since the onset of COVID-19, many adjustments have been made to ensure that this happens. continue safely.

“We used Durham bus services to get food into the neighborhoods so that students who didn’t have transportation or parents who didn’t have transportation had access to our hot meals. Richardson said.

Richardson, who is entering his third year as executive chef in the district, said it was difficult at first, but they have adjusted to the many obstacles that have accompanied the pandemic, such as shortages in the supply chain, by providing just under 600,000 meals for children in the community.

“These kids rely on that hot meal every day, so when they can’t go to school for that hot meal, it’s our obligation and our duty to make sure our community is taken care of.” Richardson said.

Chartwells Marketing Director Emily Kincaid said that dedication and more is why Richardson deserves to be named one of the Five Heroes Behind Food in the Country.

Thanks to Chef Richardson’s innovative spirit, the team can still progress.

“I think when you’re rewarded like that or someone on your team really identifies as a standout, it opens up more doors for us,” Kincaid said.

Richardson said she was honored to be making a difference in the lives of students.

“I certainly played a big part in it, but it wouldn’t be anywhere without our team at WFISD,” said Richardson. “We did it all together. “

It was an appointment and Richardson’s culinary executives wanted to show him that his efforts did not go unnoticed.

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