The ERJCC adjusts its summer program to keep children active and healthy

For the first time since March, sounds of children laughing, running and having fun could be heard at the ERJCC.

It was a welcome sight for parents and children, who have been isolated from their friends since the start of the pandemic.

While ongoing health restrictions have prevented the ERJCC from doing its usual full camp, Summer Fun at the J has provided a much needed physical and social outlet.

“Most of the children are stuck at home and it is such a relief for parents to see their children come here and be able to talk and interact with others,” the ERJCC development manager told JHV, Anita Bormaster.

“Parents say their kids come home exhausted and happy and happy to see other people. They really see life coming back to their children.

Summer activities include sports, science, swimming, music, drama, arts and crafts.

While it can be fun and fun for the kids, the JCC staff do their best to keep everyone safe and healthy. A medical advisory team meets regularly with JCC leaders to advise them on best practices.

After Houston began to slow its opening last week, the ERJCC returned to its Phase I, limiting many of the facility’s activity. The summer fun at J continued this week, however, with children already enrolled whose parents are essential workers.

There were 65 children and about 30 staff at the camp on June 29, divided into groups of seven or eight children. Groups do not mix and shared rooms are cleaned and disinfected before changing groups.

All staff – as well as children in grades three and up – wear masks, while handwashing and social distancing remain a top priority.

“We have worked very hard to be able to do this by providing the best possible health and safety care,” said Bormaster. “We certainly can’t guarantee anything, but we are working hard to reduce the risk.

“One of our core values ​​at J is to connect with people and our ability to do that for families who are essential workers is really important to us. “

The summer fun at J should continue throughout the week of August 6.

“We hope to keep everyone engaged in different activities, to move around, to get out of energy and to interact with each other in the best and safest way possible,” Bormaster said.

“We had a parent call us the other day and said their child came home and said it was the most fun they had in their new normal life.”

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