Owasso Public Schools Report Increase in Enrollment and Recovered Credits for Summer Programs | New


An Owasso school council meeting on August 10, 2020.

Art Haddaway, editor-in-chief

Owasso’s public schools experienced a high participation rate of students who participated in the summer programs this year.

The district, at its board meeting on Tuesday evening, released the results of students who participated in and completed various programs in algebra, accelerated math, reading and other courses in recent weeks.

About 230 students attended the OPS summer school, with 104 high school students, 113 elementary school students and 15 special education students participating in the programs.

Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Kim Castaldi said a major achievement for the district, for example, was that those 104 high school students recovered 142 credits during their time in class.

“It’s amazing,” said Castaldi, who was hired on July 1 to provide advice in planning, implementing and evaluating the continued creation of a quality learning experience for students and staff.

OPS saw 11 high school students earn elective credits in Excel, as well as 40 recovery credits and 20 Grad Lab graduates. Twelve more Accelerated Mathematics completed and 14 Algebra credits recovered in person. In addition, 22 middle school students reached their goal as part of the district’s Summer Bridge program.

“Again, a remarkable achievement,” Castaldi said of the results, especially from Grad Lab, a program designed for students to make up for lost credits and for those who want to progress faster.

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