Outdoor summer plan for Dublin ‘largely ignored’ by city council officials


A detailed outdoor summer plan for Dublin, presented by Green Party advisers, has been “largely ignored” by chief executive Owen Keegan and his officials.

At Live lunch this afternoon, Green Party Councilor for the South East City Center, Claire Byrne, said it was “incredibly frustrating” to see the difference in summer preparations between Dublin and Cork.

Some 17 streets were pedestrianized in Cork before the return of alfresco dining with a capacity of over 2,300 seats.

Meanwhile, Princes Street has been fitted with a long row of giant, multi-colored umbrellas that can be erected or retracted depending on the weather.

Outdoor summer plan for Dublin has been ‘largely ignored’ by city council officials

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Cllr Byrne said the lack of progress in Dublin was “very disappointing”.

“For me and my colleagues in the Green Party this is incredibly frustrating because at the end of April we sent an outdoor summer plan to the CEO of Dublin City Council and other relevant officials who were dealing with the reopening. “she said. noted.

“We have put forward many proposals that would solve the current problems we have – like heating, like toilets, like a more robust waste management plan; Introduce welcome ambassadors to the city when we reopen, introduce commissioners to the city, and consider utilizing the expertise of the many, many unemployed event workers that we also have across the city – because, like you have seen it, we have issues with crowd control too.

“But our external plan has been largely ignored, which is very disappointing.”

Cllr Byrne said there was “still a lot of work going on” in the city’s pedestrianized areas around Grafton Street as well as Merrion Row where traffic needs to be reduced to one lane to facilitate buses.

She said the scenes in the city last weekend highlighted the need for better facilities.

“From a city council point of view, hearing directly from businesses and the impact it has on them… we’re supposed to reopen Dublin and welcome everyone and we really need people to come back, but we have to make it a place really attractive. place, so I feel like there will be some milestones for this weekend.

Also on the show, Cork Business Association President Claire Nash said a huge amount of work was underway to prepare for the city’s reopening.

“We are really looking forward to providing the space on our street chich will have 240-260 seats and the city in general will have alfresco dining with a capacity of 2300 north once we open next Monday,” she declared.

“17 streets have been pedestrianized and any operator or trader of these can enjoy alfresco dining if they have their permit in place – as in the council authorizations.

“The board has been great, super adaptive and has been working for us for a very, very long time – probably a year and a half now to get this through – and it’s all going. “

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Outdoor summer plan for Dublin has been ‘largely ignored’ by city council officials

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