North Fork kids share their favorite summer spots


Where should you take your North Fork kid this season?

Students at Peconic Community School in Aquebogue shared a few tips:

“My favorite place is Rocky Point Beach, it’s in East Marion. There are LOTS of rocks, and that’s why it’s beautiful! You can climb any rock, big or small, tall or short. Don’t forget the water though! You can swim.

Augie, 2nd year

“I like to go to miniature golf [at Drosso’s in Greenport]. They have a windmill and cool structures for playing golf. I’m trying to put a bullet in the clown’s mouth to win a free game!

Benjamin, 2nd year

“In the summer I like to stay at home, swim in the pool and eat watermelon. Sometimes I even swim in the pool and eat watermelon at the same time!

Amylia, 2nd year

“In the summer I like to go to Causeway Beach in Nassau Point. It has a slide and swings. In summer there is hot sand and cool water.

Meridian, 2nd year

“I like going to the beach and I like finding sea glass.”

Léna, 1st year

“One of my favorite places in the summer is North Fork Donut Company, and my favorite donut is cookies and cream. And I also love going to Splish Splash and after going to Splish Splash I go to Snowflake for an ice cream every time!

Aidan, 1st year

“I love going to the Magic Fountain ice cream shop in Mattituck. I also like to go fishing at the dock next to Breakwater Beach.

Rocco, 1st year

“I love going to Young’s Beach in the Orient because I love the sea breeze and climbing the rocks.”

BB, 1st year

“My favorite place to go in North Fork is the Long Island Aquarium. My favorite animal is the jellyfish because they are delicate and fragile. And, in summer, the aquarium offers a sea lion show!

Saverio, 3rd year

“My favorite place on North Fork is the beach. I love paddle boarding and kayaking, playing on the beach and swimming!

Monte, 3rd year

“I love going to Love Lane in Mattituck. I love the Love Lane Sweet Shoppe, we fill bags with all kinds of candy! Oh, and I can’t forget Love Lane Kitchen, love that there too! My favorite thing to order is the pancakes.

Lucie, 3rd year

“I like going to Bailie Beach because there is a big mountain of sand that I like to climb.”

Adam, 3rd year

“I love going to 1943 Pizza! They have the best pizza in Greenport!

André, 3rd year

“I love going to Greenport because there are so many places to visit. When I’m in Greenport, I love to visit the Carousel. I love running with my brother in the field there, and we also love to have picnics there! ”

Ayla, 3rd year

greenport skate festival

“I like to skate in the summer, with the sun hitting my face, I go fast to feel free and feel like there isn’t a single problem in the world. Living on the North Fork is awesome, so I can skate outside on the street with no worries, or go to the Greenport skate park to learn more tricks and probably fall, then get back up right away.

Nathalie, 6th grade

“The North Fork has been my home since I was born. I have never moved and love living here! There are so many activities to do. The weather is often very pleasant, so you can be outdoors a lot. It’s a great place to play Frisbee! If you have a slackline, you have to use it too!

Asen, 6th grade

“I have lived in North Fork my entire life. Ever since I was a kid, I loved swimming on Southold’s Goose Creek beach on the bay at sunset. It’s rocky but all the rocks are smooth and worn. I love the channel side of Goose Creek because you can swim so deep and sink into the bay. You can’t see the sunset so clearly from there, but the sunlight and illumination on the clouds looks beautiful in the rippling water.

Sophie, 6th grade

“On the North Fork, my favorite place to go in the summer is the Greenport Ice Rink. At the rink there are a lot of people to talk to and to skate with. I love going there because they play great music and when I go I always skate with friends! If this is your first time skating, people will help you!

Kai, 6th grade

“I love going to Splish Splash in the summer to have fun with my friends and family. I like to do all the rides except Cliff Diver (but I don’t think a lot of other people like it either). Wave pools are fun to play and tag or other games and then the waves are really fun to ride. ”

André, grade 7

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