Katy’s Moms Share 9 Ways To Celebrate Summer And Plan Your Days



May 27, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Today ends the 2020-2021 academic year for Katy ISD students and everyone can congratulate themselves on having completed a most difficult year. With summer vacation here, local moms are turning to planning fun excursions and activities to make summer days lively and fun for Katy’s kids.

Typhoon Texas

How do Katy’s moms plan their summer days?

Summer is here! You’ve been through the uncertainty of a weird college year, whether you’ve gone virtual or in person. Find out how Katy Moms plan their summer days and keep the kids entertained in fun and exciting ways. From local farms to educational and interactive opportunities, just a car ride away.

What’s on your list?

555 S. Katy Road Fort Bend

(See opening photo.)

Without a doubt, one of Katy’s biggest attractions is Typhoon Texas!

“As a mom, I’ve loved bringing my kids to Typhoon Texas since they opened,” says Angie Waller. “My youngest is now in first grade in high school and still enjoys meeting his friends there.”

Typhoon Texas has something for all ages as Waller is now bringing his younger nieces there. Moms can enjoy the shade while supervising the children and the youngest can take advantage of the large paddling pool.

Great food, lazy river, endless slides and more make this a place to relax for the Katy family and a place to plan for many summer days.

1145, road 218,

Weimar, Texas 78962

Photo courtesy of Hatari Animal Park.

Just over an hour’s drive from Katy, but well worth it, this is an animal park that will make any family feel like they are in Africa.

“We love Hatari Wildlife Park in Weimar,” says Lindsey Brown. “It’s a car safari less than an hour away. They have a small park with activities and food for after the safari. We go there so often that we ended up getting season passes.

Dig for artifacts, backyard animals, stroll the 3,000-foot boardwalk, and more. You never know what you’ll see at the park which is quickly becoming a favorite with Katy’s moms.

Photo courtesy of Newman Castle.

About forty minutes from Katy is a town that Katy’s moms say is worth a day trip or a weekend trip. Bellville is fun to explore on its own Newman’s castle To Sunnybrook Farm.

“Last summer we rented a small farm at Sunnybrook Farm,” says Rachel Allen. “The owner, Rebecca, has a lot of mini animals. They are adorable! Next, we visited Newman Castle. It’s close enough for a day trip and a very cute experience.

23119 Colonial Pkwy

Bing Su.

Enjoy a dining experience at over 30 restaurants, markets and more in the Asian town of Katy. From a variety of Asian cuisine, including decadent desserts, to shopping.

One of the many popular places in Bing Su, a Korean style of “crushed ice” that is perfect for Katy’s hot and humid day. Katy Asian Town is a fun Katy experience for the whole family.

510 Chisolm Trail

Wallis, TX 77485

Blessington Farms

It’s berry-picking time at one of Katy’s moms favorite farms. Blessington Farms is full of more than good thornless fruit to pick. It also offers fun activities such as train rides, giant slides and animal encounters for the kids to enjoy.

6801, highway boulevard
Katy, Texas 77494

Brewing Battlehops

“Battlehops is a board game paradise mixed with great craft beer and homemade rootbeer right in the heart of Old Katy,” says Adrienne Davitz.

The board game café brewery offers over 500 games ranging from kids’ games to classics and complex strategy games.

“It’s family-friendly and they have the most creative events,” Davits adds. “A pet friendly patio is also available and the down to earth owners top it off!”

21104 Binford Road Waller, Texas 77484

Photo credit: Laura Mayor

In Waller County, one of Katy’s three counties, locals can find some of the best fruits and vegetables around.

“My kids love being outdoors, so picking blackberries and vegetables is a fun activity to do outside,” says Laura Mayor, who recently took her 4 and 1 year old.

Families should check the website for updates. There are no picnic areas.

1601 E. NASA Walk

Houston, TX

Photo credit: Natalie Clark

For an interactive experience out of this world, visit Space Center Houston. Learn about the history and future of NASA’s space program to the Moon, the International Space Station, Mars and beyond.

Interactive exhibits and rides give visitors of all ages a better understanding of the science and physics behind space travel. Learn the answers to the universe or more basic questions, like how does an astronaut use the bathroom in space? Touch a moon rock, a piece of Mars, or take a behind-the-scenes look at history and watch it unfold around you.

Harborside walk


Baywatch Dolphin Tours

Along Harborside Drive you’ll find several dolphin tour companies such as Baywatch Dolphin Tours, where families can get out and see wild dolphins up close. As well as seeing wildlife, you can learn about Galveston and see local ships.

Galveston is home to many dolphins, so there’s a good chance you’ll see several and maybe even a baby or two. Dolphins are used to boats and love to follow fishing and shrimp boats in search of remains, so keep an eye out for these for the best views.

Many of these ideas were discussed on moms katy, a wonderful Facebook community where Katy Moms can share ideas and communicate online.

How do you fill your Katy summer days?


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