Gamer Sensei works with K12 to provide esports coaching to kids


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The number of video game players has exploded as many people turn to gaming amid a global pandemic.

And much of that increased player base is made up of children and teens who use video games as a way to interact with their friends in an age when traditional school, sports, and other activities may not be. not be accessible to them.

That’s why Gamer Sensei takes its approach of one-on-one lessons with esports professionals and partners with K12, one of the largest online teaching and program websites to deliver after-school coaching sessions to developing players.

According to Gamer Sensei, the service has seen massive growth since social distancing and in-house safe-haven practices took effect around the world in March. The company’s numbers rose 50% from February to March, and a further 30% through April.

The number of parents requesting potential lessons for their children trapped at home has also increased.

“Historically speaking, around 80% of our users are between the ages of 18 and 34, and around 85% of our users are men,” said Christopher Jacobs, COO of Gamer Sensei. “Since March, we have noticed that coaches in our community are reporting an increase in the number of classes with families or classes scheduled by parents for children under the age of 18.”

Coaches working with Gamer Sensei have agreed to give group lessons for families looking for coaching at a normal price, for a single person. The service has over 500 coaches active in 20 different esports titles, ranging from League of Legends To Magic: the gathering arena, allowing players from all walks of life to find the help they need to improve.

Gamer Sensei is also welcoming more coaches than ever before due to the impact of the coronavirus on people’s regular workflow. This means that new games and sessions are added all the time.

Along with continuous improvements to Gamer Sensei’s business model, the company is working with K12 to launch esport coaching for summer camps, as well as other potential outlets.

Anyone attending these summer camps will meet twice a day in 60-90 minute sessions Monday through Friday. These sessions will help campers develop the skills and strategies necessary to compete in various esports circuits.

Right out of the door, Smash Bros, Fortnite, and Rocket league will be the games in which campers can participate. Tournaments will have game keys provided, but campers will need to own a game console capable of playing their title of choice (all three games are available on Nintendo Switch.)

Parents of a child in grades 8-11 can register for the tuition-free online summer camp through the K12 Destinations website.

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