Durham Public Schools to Make Class Transition Easier for Students During Summer Programs


DURHAM, NC (WNCN) – Last school year, as Durham Public Schools headed toward summer learning, the focus was on recovering from what had been wracked by COVID1-9.

“Last year (it was) kind of a catch-up, time to wrap up a steep school year,” said Chanel Sidbury, who works for the school district.

But this year is different.

“This summer we wrap our arms around our children. We know that there are students who have learning difficulties. I hate that term, but yes. They didn’t have the opportunity to learn as much as in previous years, ”explained Sidbury.

“So this summer we are really working on the acceleration. We want to meet the students where they are, ”she said.

Sidbury is the Executive Director of Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum and instruction for Durham Public Schools. She said a key part of the school system’s Operation Summer Learning is making sure students are mentally prepared.

“The summer programs are going to re-acclimate students to the school experience,” Sidbury said.

What she said means a more hands-on learning approach.

Operation Summer Learning consists of over two dozen sites. It will also have a teacher-student ratio of one to 12. Over 10,000 students will be in the program.

Sidbury said they are also looking to fill around 100 teaching positions under the program.

“The challenge is the competition. We have a competitive salary. So maybe a teacher’s salary is $ 25 an hour. Participation in summer programs is $ 40 per hour. The challenge is competing for the best and brightest teachers who can staff these summer programs, ”she explained.

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