Camp de la Croix staff reflect on a different and successful summer for 2021


GARRISON, ND – We have heard dozens of stories of businesses and nonprofits closing their doors during this pandemic. The financial difficulties were too difficult for many to overcome.

At Camp de la Croix near Garrison, it was a different story. They have had a successful summer, albeit a different one. Now they are gearing up for an even better year 2021.

The staff at Camp de la Croix are grateful to be here. They are also grateful for planning retreats and summer camps.

“We have things pretty much every weekend all year round,” said Taylor Helgeson, program manager for Camp of the Cross Ministries.

This is something that many camps were unable to accomplish during the pandemic.

“We have really worked to stay open,” added Rev. Janis Sloka, III, executive director of the camp.

Summer camps were limited; only half of the normal number of campers could come at the same time.

“We had to turn away campers,” Sloka said.

The retreats this winter will also be smaller. This will weigh heavily on the camp’s budget.

“We care about our bills, but it’s a great place that’s been around since the 1950s and we want it to stay there for at least 50 years,” Sloka said.

For full-time staff, that means smaller paychecks. They’ve all been through three-quarters of the time, an effort to save some cash, save the camp, and come back to times like these, before COVID.

“I think it’s important that our ministry continues,” Helgeson said. “People love this place, and it means so much to so many people. It’s a great place to get away from the real world. You can find peace in this place.

Peace, even during a pandemic.

You can learn more about Camp de la Croix and sign up for retreats or summer camps on their website,

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