Popular funny memes on the internet

Going through a bad day? We gathered a few funny memes to change your mood. It’s Christmas time and

everyone is in festive mood. So let’s start with a Christmas meme —

random funny meme

“If you jingle my bells I’ll give you a white Christmas” — You already know what it means right? If not I am a little concerned about how your spend your time!

Santa Clause was real until he forgot my present! (Yes! If you forget anything you shouldn’t than I don’t know you)

Troll face memes

I didn’t choose the thug life, thug life choose me! ( Whenever you don’t care what anyone thinks and give a perfect reply to everything)

If steroids are illegal for athletes then why Photoshop is legal for models? (Isn’t it? With photoshop now anyone can become a model & when you get to meet them in real you don’t even want to look at them)


There’s only one thing better than the cutest cat in the world, ANY DOG! Who doesn’t love doggy style! (I shouldn’t translate this to you!)

You wait for 2 minute I coming within 1 hour. (one of the all time funny memes)

Either you die young or you live long enough to see yourself get Donald Trump elected as America’s President! (OK! I guess we all lived long enough!)

You lost your phone and it’s on silent mode? Too bad, If you liked it you should put a RING on it!

When people bring up mistakes you made 10 years ago and in the mind you are cursing them saying LET IT GO , LET IT GO!

You were sleeping and the alarm was set on 8 AM , The alarm rings — you see it’s 8 AM think let’s sleep for a few more minutes and you close your eyes for just a second and open it it’s already 8.30 you close your eyes again and open it it’s 10AM ! It happens with all of us right? The 1 second becomes 1 hour somehow!

Everyone around you Fall in love? Bitch I can’t even fall in sleep!

Here is the last one and I am sorry for my funny memes if this offends you in anyway! If any of my jokes

offend you: 1. I am sorry 2. It won’t happen again 3. 1 & 2 are lies 4. Who cares who you are!

We will back with some of the best

funny memes

again in our next posts.